Listening. Understanding. Acting.

I coach and consult leaders and their teams to fully understand the demands put on them, strengthen their strengths, uncover their hidden potential, and work on their development needs. What finally counts is that my clients achieve their personal, professional, and business goals.

I see investment in leaders, key executives and top teams as a fast track to improving organizational performance. My work is based on the belief that what's good for people is good for the business. My passion and mission is to make people and the numbers succeed together.

My underlying basic principle is Listening. Understanding. Acting.


  • to better identify with the concerns of others, and gain insight into organizational processes
  • to be able to pose the right questions, to challenge and mirror
  • to optimize processes through clear communication
  • to grasp the essence of an issue or question


  • the complex dynamics of human behavior and communication
  • underlying issues and challenges
  • in order to define, analyze and evaluate
  • the client's needs for a precisely tailored consulting process


  • with strategies and practical concepts designed to meet specific needs
  • according to individually tailored programs to develop and expand personal resources and potential
  • to achieve measurable results by means of effective operative solutions