Team Coaching

Team Coaching is customized support of a leadership team in the reflection as well as the development of solution alternatives and action plans for a specific business challenge. This challenge may be a strategic reorganization, the handling of a project, the acquisition of a company, new members in the executive committee, the fusion of two departments or other change processes.

In my work with teams (i.e. when developing the design of / the script for a team workshop as well as when moderating team processes), I attach great importance to

  • obtaining sustainable, pragmatic solutions and results,
  • strengthening the team's identity, and
  • strengthening the interaction as well as the communication and cooperation within the team and between the team and the head of the team.

Practical Examples:

  • I coached the president of a Spanish subsidiary of a consumer goods company and his team in a major acquisition process which led to a significantly improved alignment of the integration. The focus was on leadership, communication and how to drive organizational change through individuals.

  • A leadership team of a financial services company faced the challenge of stagnating business results and an inadequate implementation of the vision defined twelve months before. Based on the information I gathered in interviews with all team members, I developed – in close coordination with the CEO – a "script" for two team workshops. Very early in the first workshop it became clear that material resistance that had not yet been openly addressed had interfered with the implementation of the new business vision. The team led an open discussion and as a result re-formulated the vision, developed respective strategic plans and prepared a detailed communication plan.

    At the end of the workshop, every executive in the team had a clear picture of how to promote the desired changes in his/her area of responsibility. In the second workshop, we analyzed and evaluated results and failures and prepared action plans.

  • For the newly appointed Senior Vice President of a Health Care business I conducted a "New Manager Assimilation Session" which supported the cooperation between the new boss and her team. The core element of this process was to establish a structured feedback process that worked in both directions and accelerated a smooth cooperation.